The Most Important Real Estate Interview Questions To Ask An Agent

Real Estate Interview Questions..that you absolutely must ask an agent before you consider hiring them

Real Estate Interview Questions to ask any agent, and one in particular that will save you a lot of grief and aggravation.  If you don’t make them show you this, then you will be in for quite the surprise later.

Real Estate Interview Questions

The One You Must Ask

Real Estate Interview Questions..I’ll tell you the main one first, because its important

Okay, so what is it you ask, First let me walk you through a typical Real Estate Agent presentation. I’ll be quick.

  1. They do a CMA
  2. They make small talk to build rapport
  3. They ask you lots of questions about why your moving, your motivation etc
  4. They figure out how much money you need or want to get from the home (this one is a tip off to the topic of this post)
  5. They tell you all about their awards and designations,associations and who they represent
  6. They present you with polished materials and try to impress you with a little dog and pony show about how big their broker is etc
  7. They tell you about how many homes they have sold in the past

Are you starting to get the picture?  They are trying to impress you with meaningless stuff when it comes to selling a home.

Well here is the one tactic they will use to close more than 90% of their prospects including maybe even you. and here it is.

Every agent knows one thing that every client wants, bar none….and its this, They Want To Get The Most Amount of Money When Selling Their Home!  Right?  I’m assuming you agree with that as everyone usually does.

Well knowing that one thing I like to call HOPE, they will prey on that every time.  Hope is one of our most powerful motivators in life and we will do almost anything if we believe or have hope that something may be possible.

Image a person who has cancer, will they not try anything that offers hope of a cure?  Well selling your home for more money is no different, people always have hope of getting more money than is really possible, especially when an agent who in their eyes is a professional is telling them they can get more money for the home than a previous more ethical agent had told them before.

For instance:
  1. Ethical Experienced agent SEO Listing Expert Paul Says Your home should sell for $327,000 fairly fast.
  1. Unexperienced and Unethical Agent says they can get you more and you should not list it for any less than $399,000

Well who do you think most people would rather listen to?  Thats right the unethical agent who has just used their hope against them to get the listing.  When in reality this agent knows darn well they will get them to reduce the price later.  This in my book is pure manipulation, by a person only out to serve themselves.

Real Estate Interview Questions…So what is the main question to ask?

Real Estate Interview Questions

Real Estate Interview Questions

Well it is simple.  Have them produce a history of their listings that shows the original listing price and the actual selling price, that is if they were able to keep the listing all the way to closing, because a lot of times these agents will loose the listing to a more experienced agent who will get it sold, at or around the price that was originally quoted to them.

So this is one of the most important Real Estate Interview Questions to ask an agent.

If they cannot or will not provide you with this listing history……kindly show them the door and call us right away!

We will never use this tactic to get a listing from you.  You deserve honesty, integrity and are owed an ethical approach when dealing with an agent.  Believe me, we want you to get every penny possible from your home, but we will not lie to your face about the potential selling price of your home.

The reason you see a lot of discrepancies in the listing price as it relates to the final selling price is because of this tactic.  Sure sometimes the market adjust during the listing, but if the home was priced right to begin with then it will sell faster and will not sit for long.

Sometimes it is the homeowner who insists on listing it for more, and then it will sit as well, but if the home owner listens to an experienced agent the home will most likely always sell for the listing price or close to it.

Real Estate Interview Questions…The ones you should be asking an agent….

Real Estate Interview Questions

Real Estate Interview Questions

One thing most agents always talk about is the past, what they have sold, how much in millions of dollars of real estate they have sold, their awards and so on.

Well let me shed a little light about the past…it is just that…THE PAST.  In the boom market anyone with a license was selling homes and had teams that sold millions of dollars of real estate, but that has no bearing on what they can, or are doing in todays market.

In fact a lot of those top producing agents are out of the business, because times have changed and now you need more than awards and past sales to help you sell homes.

YOU NEED SEO LISTING EXPERTISE….PERIOD….Everything is now search engine driven!

So this is what you should be asking an agent:

  1. Are You an SEO Listing Expert or do you even have a clue how to utilize the web to its maximum abilities
  2. Do you know how to optimize postings to Craigslist
  3. Do you know how to optimize videos for Youtube
  4. Do you use Youtube
  5. Do you use Google
  6. Do you know how to optimize the MLS listing
  7. Do you even rank in the search engines on the first page for anything and if so what, show me please
  8. Do you have SEO tools at your disposal to help sell my home, if so what are they or at least what do they do to help me sell my home?
  9. Can you show me results using these SEO techniques? actually numbers , tangible results
  10. Can you show me proof of your SEO Expertise, right now?

Well these are the pertinent Real Estate Interview Questions to be asking a potential agent you are considering.

Don’t let them dictate what you should be asking them , because they will tell you to ask what they can obviously look good answering.  That was then and this is now.  The market has changed how homes are sold and we have been keeping up and will continue to do so.

I have spent thousands of dollars learning this stuff and years as well testing it and this process will never end.

Call me today and I will not only prove everything I have mentioned in this post, but I will show you that no one else is as qualified to get you results when it comes to selling your home in the least amount of time and for the most amount of money.

Don’t waste your time with agents who will not be truthful with you from the start, call us today, you’ll be glad you did.

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